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Then and Now 25 - Typical Day

Then and Now 25 - Typical Day
Time: Late 2007, dating my wife.

For the sake of this Then and Now, I'm going to refer to my wife as my girlfriend.

Before we got married, my girlfriend and I had a great relationship. I'll detail how we got together in another Then and Now, and focus on how we usually spent our time together in this one.

I had two and a half days off during my time working at my school: Sunday and Tuesday were completely off, and every hour after 12:00 on Saturday was also completely free. My girlfriend and I usually got together on Saturday night after I had some time to adventure and hang with friends in the afternoon, and we stayed together until Sunday night when work was about to begin again for the both of us. Because we hardly ever spent any time on Tuesday, which was the day I usually stayed at home all day (or sometimes went to the city to look around), our typical day was Sunday.

She would usually come to my house around 8:00 or 9:00 on Saturday night, and I would go downstairs to open the security door to let her in. We would talk and joke around for our little trip upstairs, then after we got inside and she had taken a shower, we had about an hour or so for sex. After that, we would either sleep until early Sunday morning, or we would spend a little time watching TV or talking before finally drifting off.

I remember her doing this little quiz where she kept asking me to repeat her full name in the middle of the night. It was a joke that we shared to pretend that I was some kind of playboy who didn't remember the names of the hundreds of women he had slept with. One night, while especially tired, she asked me for the fifth or sixth time. I teasingly mumbled, "Could you just let me sleep?" She giggled, squeezed me tight, and we were off to dreamland.

When we weren't heading outside to look around, window shop, explore the main city or just take a walk, we usually had sex again in the morning, then napped until noon or so. After that, it was just the two of us spending time together. We had all kinds of activities planned and ready to go and I have a few Then and Now posts planned for later on some stuff we did outside the apartment, but inside my place, it was a very relaxing time. I think it might do to just have a couple of experiences written down here to give a taste of our good times together.

I remember us watching DVDs together, and me sharing some of my favorite shows from America: Sliders, Stargate SG-1, our mutual favorite Alf, and several others. I would always go downstairs to the supermarket to get us some popcorn and a few other goodies, just to make the movie experience complete. She was always very attentive and interested in everything we watched, and even had a dream or two of sliding or exploring other worlds while at my place.

There was another time where we were done with sex and DVDs for the day, and she insisted that I just go ahead and do what I usually did at my house, and not to worry about her. So I did: I took out my laptop, and started playing Jedi Academy. She didn't even pull out a book or turn on the TV, and instead watched me play, something she hasn't done since we married. I still remember starting the game and playing through the tutorial stage after the ship crash, pulling out my lightsaber and cutting down a tree to cross a river. When I got to the other side, I started cutting up a rock. She laughed and asked me why I was doing that, and I just answered, "I dunno. I just felt like it." She laughed again, like it was the funniest or silliest thing she had ever seen.

I also remember another time with a strange problem: every time my girl came over to see me on the weekend, she would immediately pull out my mop and broom and start cleaning the floor, even though it already looked fine. It kind of annoyed me and I asked her to stop and just come to bed to be with me, and not only did she listen to me, but she needlessly wrote me an apology letter later about not doing it again, even writing "Go to hell, mop!" Comparing my girlfriend to my wife today, who expects me to do almost all the cleaning, is as clear as night and day.

If there is any confusion as to why there are so few Then and Now posts related to my time while dating my girl, then the reason here is plain: we spent many weekends together doing basically the same fun stuff, and writing a separate Then and Now for each of them would be pointless and boring. This Then and Now, while only number 25, describes one or two dozen days of peace, fun, sex and good times between my girlfriend and me.

I haven't seen that girl in years.

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