Thursday, January 14, 2016

Another whole lot of nothing

Sometimes I feel guilty that I'm not able to update my blog here because of the utter lack of things going on, but at the same time, I'm completely relieved because that means my wife is not acting up or causing trouble so there's not much to discuss about her or my life.

For the past two months, I've done little else than work. My schedule has picked up at my job and I work from basically 9:00 in the morning until 11:00 at night four days out of the week, with only two partial work days and Sunday leaving me time to myself and time with my son. I've poured almost half of what my son needs for his college payments into his bank account, and at this rate I can finish it up in the next two or three years. After that, I only have to save up a basic nest egg to begin my travels abroad again because I plan on working wherever I live.

I haven't seen my wife's mother in many months (whether this was her or my wife's idea, I don't know, but it's certainly a weight off my back).

Finally, my sex life is back on track with no refusals in a year or two, but there have been close calls where my wife whined to be too tired. In those moments, I just picked her up and threw her on the other bed to get started and she didn't whine much longer. She hasn't started any fights with me either, but there was one moment where she copied my advice to married men about fighting with your wife: don't back down, and don't allow her to change the subject until she admits she's wrong. A few days ago, I said that she was starting to refuse sex again to tease her.

By the way, just to repeat, never show weakness or discuss issues in your marriage with your wife (or any woman, for that matter), like those charlatans and fools who claim this is the key to a healthy relationship with women. Girls and women take it as a sign of weakness and use it as an excuse to bully you more. Just make the change you want, and tell her to stuff it if she doesn't like it.

My wife took me seriously and said I was wrong. I talked about something else, then she said, "Tell me you're wrong." I thought it was hilarious that she was aping me so directly, but I kept my cool and gave her a BS response of "Mistakes were made." Then I laughed at her, and she went back to sleep. I easily woke her up for sex later, but if she had refused me then, I was very proud to feel that if she had done so, I would have brought back the Iceman where I ignore and condescend to her for a few months until she understands who the boss in this relationship is again. Sex is a deserved distraction to me, but if I need to put my wife down again for her bad behavior, I can go camel for as long as I need like I did in those many posts at the end of 2013.

But anyway, there's the lack of news update. I was happy to see that I only have 4247 days left on my counter until time is up, and it's time to live again. I haven't mentioned it before, but my plan after my son is off is to first travel America with my wife for a year seeing the natural beauty the land has to offer, then I'll pick two countries that I want to live in to go to. Once that's finished, I'll assign each as heads or tails, flip a coin, then commit myself to live there for the following year before repeating the coin process again. Maybe I'll make a Youtube video of me doing that as a farewell post to this blog, but that's over a decade into the future, so I probably shouldn't be getting ahead of myself. To live a life of freedom, up to chance, with only the basics of safety and sustenance planned for: that is my dream.