Sunday, May 1, 2016

Marriage review, 2015 to 2016

Still chugging along to 2027:


There were no fights with my wife this year. She tried checking up on me two or three times, but I swatted all her s*** tests away with denial, orders and cockiness.


I think I did the dishes once and the laundry once in the last year, and that's it. My wife adores me now more than ever before compared to when I did the chores for 30-60 minutes every night, which is completely counter what those "Want sex? Do chores!" articles from western media state.

Were I still single, I would have done every chore once a week. This means that chores is the only improvement of my single life to my married life now.


I get sex two to four times a week now because I directly push for it, or she comes after me. Cocky strength is what gets her in the bedroom, not respectful communication.

If I hadn't married, things would be much the same, but I would have more varied partners, so while it seems nothing much has changed, things would still be better if I were still single.


I've saved nothing that isn't going towards family expenses or pending college bills. The saving should be done in about two or three years.

As an unmarried man, I would have saved $5000 for emergencies, and had around $90,000 extra to give to charity, buy cars, take long vacations or anything else I wanted.

Time Off

This year, I had 60 or 70 days off of work, all Sundays and holidays.

As a single man, I would have had two days a week off from work, at least 120 a year. If you include the time when I was planning to take a two or three month vacation every year, this number would be even higher.


I've lived in four cities.

As an unmarried man, I would be living in my twelfth city now, and I have a rough idea of where I would be living at this moment.


I've made two hundred friends, none of whom are still in regular contact with me.

As an unmarried man, I would have made about 2400 friends, and been in regular contact with about 20-30 of them. All those people I could have helped or learned from, all those experiences I could have had, all that potential, gone.

Fun & Adventure

I've had about five to ten fun days out with my wife and/or son, all this year.

If I were still single, I could have written over 1400 Then and Now posts on my great life, about 200 a year.


Things have improved little by little in my married life, especially since I took my balls back and realized the truth that women want power and nothing else, but it still isn't anything like my single life was.

Also, with my blog being noticed here or there on the net, I have gotten a few commenters and other truth seekers coming around to see what they could learn about women and marriage, and I'm happy to help out. Again, if human beings were capable of looking at themselves honestly and getting past their illogical beliefs and actions to make necessary changes in their outlooks and lives, I would be going from site to site and telling everyone of what I knew about women, marriage and relationships.

But they aren't. So I won't. I will keep serving those who come around of their own accord, though, so no worries about me going anywhere.