Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Training my wife

Not much has happened in the last month, as time speeds ever quicker towards the day of my emancipation in 4340 days. I did, however, have an insight into what goes into raising a wife. Things were a roller coaster between us when I used to defer to her, and went roughly like this:

2007-2008 - Not pregnant girlfriend submitted to me and rarely caused trouble, afraid I would leave her. Things went great.
2008-2010 - Pregnant girlfriend and wife/mother of our child submitted to me and rarely caused trouble, afraid I would leave her. Things were boring.
2010-2012 - Wife/mother of our child s*** tested me with a big fight in America, I submitted, and she spent the next two years an absolute shrew. Things were hell.
2012-2013 - I stopped begging for sex, then turned on my wife and yelled at her or ignored her for a solid year. Things were boring.
2013-Today - Wife/mother of our child submits to me and rarely causes trouble. Things are boring.

Since the day I yelled like a beast at my wife three years ago, things have improved a lot, but I think a lot of the improvements since were very automatic as I took on my natural role as a man and a leader of a household, rather than the androgynous beta loser that I let myself become and the browbeatings that came with it, as the media and my mother encouraged a man like me to accept. In this post, I'd like to discuss some of the things I did without realizing it to potentially help any other unfortunately married men out there to possibly find peace in their households. Please don't take this post as an invitation to accept the risks of marriage as long as you follow my ideas; I remain firmly against marriage for any man who has dreams in his life or who doesn't have kids, and hope only those men who are currently and unhappily married to find potential advice that they can use.

A few months after the huge blowup I had at my wife, we were watching some program on TV about a woman with financial troubles. My wife was easily suckered in by her sob story, but I wasn't buying any of it. This supposedly poor woman (an American at that, a citizen of one of the richest nations on the planet) apparently was having troubles making ends meet, and wanted the government to step in and help her. But one look around this woman's life was enough for me to cry bull:

- She was easily fifty pounds overweight, maybe more, showing that she had more than enough money for food.
- She lived alone in an apartment that could have housed one or two more people, easily.
- She had a cat, which she had to provide medicine, litter, food and more for.
- She had a computer, a phone and a TV, all of which no doubt connected to the internet, cable and/or satellite.
- She had a huge bed that she could have easily sold.
- She had a huge collection of clothes, especially shoes.
- She lived in, or very close to, New York.
- The apartment was well furnished with things she either didn't need to buy, or could have possibly sold.

When I pointed out all of these things, my wife got quiet. A few minutes later, she suddenly agreed with me and praised me for how observant and smart I was to notice these things.

Over the next two years, every time we watched American women do something ridiculous, selfish or disgusting (divorcing four times, refusing to shave, ballooning to four times a healthy weight, swearing that they could see ghosts in their new houses as an excuse to move out of a place they didn't like, getting piercings or ridiculous haircuts, cussing like sailors or what have you), I would point it out. Every single time. In addition, I would tell my wife how much better the women of this country were (but NEVER tell her that she was specifically better, as that might have led to her becoming an arrogant harpy again).

As a result of this, my wife has, for the past year or so, constantly compared herself to the women she sees on TV from America in two ways: first, she tells me how nasty the American women she sees are. Second, she constantly tries to prove herself to me by asking how much better she is than before, and how much better she is than American women. I offer positive reinforcement every time, but I always couple it with how she can still improve.

Not only this, but I have made it clear about the things I expect from her as I have standards for her, as well. She needs to maintain a decent weight, she needs to shave, she shouldn't feel comfortable enough to pass gas when I'm around, and she needs to keep a clean house. She now eagerly improves herself both to reach this ideal image I have of her as a wife, and as the antithesis of the American women that nauseate me.

I don't know if this information will help you, unhappily married reader, to make your life more purgatorious than hellacious, but perhaps it will. Once you've established dominance over your wife and she happily submits to you, try giving her something to shoot for, and another thing to strain against. I know it's like training an animal, but if your wife is as big a monster as mine used to be, you may have no other choice if you need to remain married for your children.


  1. I'm hooked onto this enough to come back and read every months new entry. Literally counting the days im not sure is a good idea. I think myself if i kept reminding myself it was thousands of days away that'd make me more depressed.

    1. Thanks for the revisits and sorry I don't update more. I've written all my experiences from my marriage and single days, finished up all the backlogged essays, and now only write when something happens. Since my wife is back below and to the side of me, not much does. Wish I could write more for folks like you, but the rest of the blog will have to do for now.

      The countdown used to be a depressing thing to me too when my wife was still a beast, so you're right about that. Now I just check it every week or two when I'm off autopilot long enough to remember to check, and it helps remind me how quickly I'm speeding to emancipation. It's a long time, but me constantly zoning out in my boring life makes time go quicker.

  2. I absolutely love this blog.
    Hope you're doing well.

    1. Thanks a lot for the comment, and hope I can keep writing to keep men unmarried.