Monday, December 24, 2012

Split paths

Near the end of the train ride home, I felt someone watching me, and I turned around to see a smiling local girl watching me play a game. I found a save point and turned it off so I could talk with her.

She was a cute girl and pretty nice, but she didn't know much English, so we spoke mostly in the local language. I told her where I was from and about my company, and I asked her where she had learned her English; she went to the same school I taught at during this and last year. She was holding a can of tea, and when I pointed it out, she offered me a sip. I politely refused, because my stomach was a bit wobbly from some black coffee I had had earlier.

The train quickly came to the last stop, and she got in line to step off, throwing glances back at me several times. She got off first, and waited for me as I came outside. As we walked to the pay area, I asked her name and she gave it to me, and as we walked out of the station, she walked closer to me. At that time, I told her that my ride was in the opposite direction, and she smiled and said goodbye.

So I didn't ask for the cute young girl's number or anything; I just went home. The place where I had chores to take care of, and another in a long string of sexless nights since that time in October or November when my wife and I last had sex.

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