Sunday, January 20, 2013

New methods

My wife promised me sex tonight; I pretended to agree with her, but mostly ignored her obvious lie. It's been over two months.

Today, I took my son on a big trip to the main city to see a dinosaur expo; my wife couldn't go because she had a meeting at work. We got lunch at Burger King, then we went to the expo to see some dinosaur robots roaring around. Later, I accidentally took us on a train heading to the wrong side of the country, and we were out and lost for about five hours, spending the entire time talking, looking at sights out the window and laughing.

My wife called me four or five times, each time nagging me about taking off his jacket, getting him water or something else that she knew I was already doing. As soon as she said any of the magic words:

"Could you..."
"Did you..."
"You should..."

Or whatever else, I hung up on her mid-sentence. Eventually, I just turned the phone off.

Surprise surprise, later that night: no sex. Wouldn't have been any different if I just took her nagging; this is what marriage is like. Accept low level control and abuse to have a fraction of a percent chance to get laid, or don't accept it and take the steady "no chance in hell." It's happened hundreds of times before, it will happen thousands more.

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