Monday, September 23, 2013

Sex and punishment

Sex and power are the same in a reptilian woman's mind, and an excellent way to get a horrendous wife back in line. Or at least, it is if you didn't marry in a western country where she can cheat and be praised for it.

As continuing punishment for the way my wife treated me for the last three years, and as a reminder that she will never treat me the way she did again, I have been withholding sex from her. She said we could have sex after we worked out today, and that just wouldn't do. When I was done teaching today, I drove back and was outside of the house, then I did some quick calculations of how long it would take to drive to the gym, work out, then come home, and found that there was plenty of time for sex. So I instead wasted about thirty minutes sitting in the stairwell surfing the internet on my phone. Then at exactly 1:30 I went up and into our apartment, and thankfully avoided sex for the day.

She and I went to the gym, then when we were done with aerobics, she snapped at me for ragging on the crappy techno music they were piping into the gym, where every song discussed getting high on something and sleeping with scumbags. I walked off without a word and lifted weights without her, then returned home on my own. I picked up our son on the way back to cement the "no sex with the wife" thing, then he and I went home. Hopefully she'll forget about her offer tomorrow and leave me alone about sex for the next decade or two. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be that lucky.

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