Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I asked my wife for sex, thinking that now that she was back to normal, we could go back to a normal, boring marriage schedule. She rejected me, saying her stomach hurt. I smiled inwardly, realizing that she was up to her old tricks again; just a few days ago, she accepted my offer for sex, but was hesitant about it and made me give her several reasons why we should. And now, here come more lies to avoid me and to try and prop herself back up as the leader of this marriage.

I'm not making the mistake of asking her again; it's time to secretly reject her, and not initiate, as I did over the past few months. It's very clear who of the two of us should be running the marriage, seeing as how I never verbally abused or disrespected her when I was in charge before 2010, but she did just those things when she was running things. And because sex and power are almost synonymous in a reptilian woman's mind, I refuse to give my wife any leverage over my life by allowing any undue sex between us.


  1. I had no idea that sex in marriages was such a big problematic issue. I've never been married, and I definitely won't. There must be more sexless marriages than people think. Sex on tap at anytime is a big selling point for marriage to men.

    1. Don't ask for it, it doesn't happen.
      Ask for it, that's "weak" and she says no.
      Just go for it, run the risk of being labeled a rapist.

      This is a man's life if he marries.