Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bank outburst

I was doing some banking this morning, going to pick up $1000 for next month's expenses, $300 for my wife for upcoming vacation costs, and $700 for my son's pre-school fees. $2000, which took me an entire month to make, and I would be using next to nothing of it for anything personal.

While banking, two middle-aged foreign women came in to do some ATM stuff as well. Their machine ate their card for ten seconds too long, so one of the women went to the intercom and spoke, as if to a retarded child, "The... card... did... not... come... out... of... the... machine." Her card was spit out seconds later, and a staff member came shortly after. Before he could speak, the woman continued again, card in hand, even slower: "The...... card...... did...... not...... come...... out...... of...... the...... machine," she said, waving it in his face. He looked confused, so I used localspeak to say the exact same thing she said, then added that everything was ok because the card was out. He smiled and nodded, then left. The wrinkled harpy looked back at me with a crocodile's smile, thanked me and said that her localspeak wasn't very good. I said no problem, got my money, then left.

I went to my son's school to give my wife her $1000 in hand, then got ready to put the other $1000 in her bank account. On the way out, I told her about the incident, knowing that she understood and agreed with my thoughts on foreigners living abroad and not learning anything of the language their hosts speak. But this time, she replied by saying I was being petty and shouldn't focus on things like that.

Every other time I mentioned this topic, she had agreed with me and brought up personal experiences from her work of disrespectful foreigners. But this time, cattiness.

It took only half a second to figure out why: I was nice to her. I had just given her $2000 in nearly a huge lump sum, and in return, my wife decided it was time to s*** test me, because bosses get sex, but providers get demands and rudeness; it was time to figure out which one I was. As soon as she finished her sentence, I shot her a look of withheld anger, and she suddenly decided to agree with me.

In contrast, over the last week or two, I've done nothing but play video games for eight hours straight every morning and ignored everything she was doing. How did she act during this time? Making me food, saying our son was lucky to have me as his father, and granting me sex at her insistence.

The point of this post is the same as it has been for the last year or so: you want respect from your wife, treat her with just enough indifference or rudeness to make her step back in line. If you don't, this behavior will only get worse. The other point of this post is that same as it has been since I started this blog: if you don't want to have to deal with this behavior (or you want to end it at any time), don't get married.

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