Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pimp hand

"So?! Why does that matter?"
Derisive snort with a cocky half-smile, then turn away without a word.

"You should take that to the trash."
"I'll do what I want."
"Problem?" with a smile.

My wife has tested me here and there over the past few months, not even close to what it was like four and five years ago, but she still tested me. And every time, I responded exactly as she wanted: as an aloof, arrogant master of the house, who allows his wife the lucky chance of a lifetime to live with him. It even works on female co-workers to keep them texting or emailing me with deference.

How long would this kind of behavior last with one of my guy friends? Not long at all; I suspect I would be searching for a new clique of buddies within a week or two.

And this is what modern society doesn't tell you: women respond to this behavior because it's in their genetics, their very nature, to follow a man in charge. Completely counter to a man, acting with force to a woman causes her to bow her head, while acting docile will get her to poke and prod and attack you harder and harder until you act like the man she wants you to be.

I find it funny how quickly my wife is to adopt my beliefs ever since the big pushback back in 2012. Since then, she's completely accepted thought control to control her emotions, my substantial distaste of the power and irony obsessed, socially debased, overly judgemental and tribalistic culture of America, and my dream of traveling the world as soon as 2027 hits; it's like she's a little mini-me.

And this is all because I don't let her get away with anything, talk down to me at all or otherwise cause trouble in the slightest. I forced her to thank me every time I give her money until it became automatic, I curtail the praise and compliments to once a week or two, and I respond to almost every time she says "I love you" with a quick smile and nod, or a quick "Same." She is now spending her life chasing me, and she couldn't be happier.

Men, if you married in the west, you won't be able to pull off this kind of behavior with a wife who is ok with pulling the plug and collecting her cash and prizes through divorce (and with the 40% first marriage divorce rate, it seems almost a majority of them are). Even if you marry elsewhere, think hard about all of the many things that you will lose. Are all of those things worth losing for the requirement of being Napoleon in your house?


  1. Thank you John for an honest look at what marriage is like. Marriage is hell and has few benefits for guys. John, can you please email me at clive.smith2001@gmail.com? A few of the guys in the MGTOW community would love to speak with you briefly,

    thank you


  2. I've never seen a blog this before - I commend you for this blog. It is an epic endeavor of compassion for your fellow man. Sure there are some websites where men complain about their wives and miserable married lives, but no other website has broken down and parsed the details of what marriage really entails for a typical man. Thanks for keeping it real.

    And to the other blog readers here, keep in mind that the blogger married a foreign woman, and lives in her own country (presumably where feminism is not as present in their culture, yet) - and he is still miserable being married. That's very telling and says a lot about marriage. So many men in the West think foreign women are different and better than their own native women, when they are very mistaken. Female nature is the same everywhere.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. Keep your unmarried friends that way any way you can.

  3. Please continue your blog and don't give up. I think Stardusk making that shoutout video will get it much more attention. More men need to learn about reality, because fathers and society certainly won't educate them.

    1. No problem, the blog's going nowhere. I just don't update if I have nothing to talk about, so any lapses in posting pretty much mean that I'm following the usual grind of wakeup-work-home-sleep for weeks on end.

  4. "... with the 40% first marriage divorce rate,... "

    I think it's more than that, more like 50 - 55%, if not higher.

    1. The first marriage is what I meant, which is the most important of them all to realize what a bad experience it is. I read that the average was 40% for the first marriage, around 55% for the second and over 70% for the third, but I don't remember where. I'm happy to check out statistics to the contrary.

  5. I remember seeing a statistic from a study that showed 50% of first marriages divorce within 15 years.

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