Friday, September 26, 2014

Small updates

Another month has passed where nothing really occurred. But as I said last month, that's marriage.

My son is as nice and cute as ever, and really becoming a lot more like me. I'm doing my best to raise him as an aware man, and not a server of women as I used to be; I know that that kind of life leads to no girlfriend and an empty wallet with little gratitude (and even verbal abuse) being the only reward. I want him to grow up respecting women, but understanding their power-attracted nature so he never ends up the simp that I once was. Above all, I hope he avoids marriage and either becomes a long term dater, or just avoids the trouble altogether.

My wife and I have really been working hard on losing weight. I think when I told her how much weight I had lost (only thirty pounds to go, and I'm underweight and done), she got worried that I would soon approach her weight, so she started her own diet. She has loose skin hanging in certain places, but because there's nothing she can do about it, I don't mind; at least it's not fat anymore.

Then again, if I weren't married, I could be dating one of the many hot, young college girls that I've met over the years.

Sex life is still ho hum, maybe once a week or two. I don't care either way.

I still hope I can have another life, and not make this mistake of marriage again. I'm in charge of this relationship and living the lauded, traditional style marriage where dad makes the rules and happy wife follows suit, but my single life was still way better than this.

As long as I focus on my son, I think I can get through the next twelve years with minimal problems. And as long as I mostly ignore my wife, she'll just be that more eager to please.


  1. Thanks for your blog. I thought I was alone and crazy for thinking that marriage is a bad idea. The idea of binding oneself to another human being for life is unrealistic, illogical and even destructive.

    1. No problem, and I'm glad to help. It sounds like you're married; check out the Solutions tab and you might find a nugget or two of info to help you in your venus flytrap.